First Annual Media Day

Thursday night was the beginning of a new tradition at Haleyville High School with Media Day, the public’s first opportunity to meet all of the coaches, to listen to their team goals and to ask any questions. This is only the first of many changes new Coach and Athletic Director Mark Heaton hopes to start in order to bring all of the teams and fans together in a combined effort of support.

The night began with John Barton, president of the Haleyville Boosters Club, speaking to the crowd. Afterwards, he introduced Joseph Baldwin who performed during dinner. The food was donated by Piggly Wiggly and Goars, prepared by David Albright and the public was served by the Haleyville Cheerleaders. New Superintendent of Education Alan Miller spoke to the audience after dinner, followed by Varsity Football Coach Mark Heaton, Coach Leigh Ann Kiser, filling in for Varsity Volleyball Coach Emily Johnson, Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor Wendy Rushing, Cross Country Coach Kyle Garrison, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Shane Reid, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Al Temple, Varsity Baseball Coach Todd McNutt, Varsity Softball Coach Kelly Rushing, Boys Track Coach Kyle Garrison, Girls Track Coach Betty Heaton and Golf Coach Dusty Ball. Coach Heaton spoke for the Tennis Coach Josh Dobbins. The night ended with door prizes being awarded and the results of the silent auction were announced.


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