Coming To You Live…

Recently, I was asked by a friend if I had some way to stream some of the football games. Anyone familiar with my introduction to sports “reporting” should know, I started broadcasting softball games using an iPhone and an app so everyone back home could follow along. Live streaming had not caught on at the time so I did not have many options. And the options available were just not that good. Today, there are several more options with many pros and cons to each.

I suppose by now many of you have learned about Facebook’s newest feature, Facebook Live. It enables us to live stream moments from our everyday activities and to share these memories with our family and friends. While sending out these memories may not be for everyone, viewing them has much more appeal to the casual Facebook user. The best thing about using Facebook Live is how easy it is to share with others. Another feature Facebook Live offers the viewers is the ability to communicate through the comment section to the mobile broadcaster immediately. Ask a question and get an answer, either from the broadcaster or other viewers. The trade-off for this, however, means a MUCH smaller viewing screen.

My plan is to continue broadcasting the regular season football games this season using the best possible option for viewer experience, along with some of the other sports during this school year as well. All broadcasts will heavily depend on my ability to receive decent cell phone service or wifi coverage. I will try to provide a link in my Facebook and Twitter feeds prior to games to let the viewers know how and when to connect. Also, at the top of the page, just click the Facebook link to connect immediately to the Facebook Live feed.

There are a few things I need to point out. I do this because I love watching sports. I do this because I love learning and using new technology as it becomes available. And I do this because I love being able to put this knowledge to use and share high school sports with those that can not always be there to see it happen as it happens. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. friends and alumni can not always be at every event. What I do, I do for them. But this is, in no way, an excuse not to attend games. The young men and women that have worked hard all year long need our support. Come out and make sure they can hear us cheer for them this season!

Roar Lions!



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One thought on “Coming To You Live…

  1. Judy September 8, 2016 at 6:00 pm Reply

    A wonderful idea good luck on your efforts

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